Pricing your Original Art and Limited Editions

There is lots to take into consideration and hopefully some of the points listed below will give you something to think about if you're venturing into this for the first time! 

One way of working out a price for your artwork is to work backwards. If you're selling through a gallery  then you are soon going to see your cut of the pie diminishing quite quickly.

A 'browser price' of £65 for a limited edition mount boarded print might sound a lot, but deduct the gallery commission (normally 40%) and you are left with £39.00, from this you now need to consider the printing and mount boarding costs which could be as much as £20 depending on the size of the print and mount board and you are left with £19.00. If the gallery is being charged VAT then there's another piece of the pie gone as they will need to factor in this based on the price that you want for your art  - known as the artist price.

This article taken with permission from Art Business Today Magazine might also be of interest.