Signatures: many artists will sign their work, sometimes quite close to the edge of the painting so as not to distract the viewer too much. This can cause a problem when we come to print the card as it normally always falls where the card will be cropped leaving a signature cut in half vertically or with half the surname being removed. The obvious solution to this problem is not to sign your painting/drawing before getting it into a digitalised format. After all, most cards will have the artist credited on the reverse of the card and by the time the artwork is reduced down to a 7x5 card the signature is hardly recognisable anyway.

So for those images that have been signed before being scanned/photographed we have a few options

We can drop your image onto a white border thus when cropping the card it will only be the border that will be cropped and won't effect the image (sample)

We can delete the signature via the magic of photoshop (the artist will still be credited on the reverse of the card)

Or we can digitally move the signature up so that it's out of the 'cropping zone'.