Limited Editions - How Many?

"What's a good edition number to make for a limited edition print run?" is one of our most often asked questions.

If someone really likes your picture will the fact that it is a 15/75 persuade them into buying it more than if it is number 75/250? More than likely not!  Are you really likely to sell 250 prints of your lovely artwork to really warrant putting such a large print run on it in the first place?

So, if you're entering the limited edition market for the first time then maybe it is worth aiming for a lower print run to help create that sense of exclusivity and spark an interest. 

TOP TIP - When you've decided on your print run, don't start by selling off the early editions, create some interest in the work by maybe starting off at 15/50, also as mad as it might sound, number 13 of any print run is a hard one to sell!