Creating a Digital File of your Artwork

The better the image we receive the better the image we can print.

Scanning your artwork will always give the best results, but is not always possible due to size, the medium, or a lack scanner! 

Photographing artwork can be tricky but if you can follow some of the points below then you have a better chance of capturing the best image possible.

  • Always use a tripod if you can.
  • Use your camera's highest quality settings (iPods and smart phones aren't really up to the task, the lenses these devices have are limited)
  • Lighting - Shoot using natural daylight, the best scenario is outside on a cloudy day, but never in direct sunlight. Avoid flash.
  • Cropping - try not to crop your image in camera too much, we would much prefer to see the table or bench that you're shooting it on as it gives us more to play with when we come to resizing the image for the card. You also might find that the parallel lines of your art are running away from each other, don't worry too much about this as we can correct this in photoshop. If you have a zoom lens then try to keep above 50mm.
  • Keep the artwork as flat as possible and shoot directly onto it.